5 Different Poker Games

Gambling is a game of chance and luck that can make anyone lose or win instant money. Casinos are places where these gambling games can be played. There are lots of gambling games like slot machines, dice roll, roulette and much more. One of the famous card gambling game is Poker.

Poker is not only a game of chance and luck but it is also a game skill and strategies. There are many types of poker games that people can choose from and play. Here are 5 different Poker games that you will enjoy.

Speed Poker

Speed Poker has omitted the boring part of playing poker. In a normal poker game, players fold cards that are weak and they wait until they receive a hand with high ranks. Speed poker is like any other poker game. The only difference is that after the player folds his hand or cards, he will be transferred to another table and be given a new hand. Players will play with different players at each round. Players will have limited time to study their opponents and their tactics.


Razz is the least popular version of poker. It has more of a complex style of playing. There are lots of players who play this because it is not very common. Another reason is that it gives a much diverse poker game than the usual poker game. Players who are very skillful at Omaha or Texas Hold ‘em will have to set aside the strategies that they have become accustomed to in order to play this game. However, this is as enjoyable as the regular poker game.


Omaha is pretty much similar to Texas Hold’em. It has two versions: the Omaha High and the Omaha Hi-Lo. Many experts suggested that if a player is playing this type of poker game for the first time, he should start with Omaha High since it simpler to play than Omaha Hi-Lo. Omaha is played similarly like Texas Hold’em. The two of differences is that it is played by pot limit and the player is dealt with four cards that are faced down.

Five Card Draw

By the name itself, this version of poker is played by giving each player five cards. The players can exchange cards to get the best hand. This is done while betting in each round. After the betting is done, it is time to reveal who has the best hand among all the players. This is the simplest game of poker. Many players have tried this game first before playing any other poker games.

Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold’em is the most famous and most played version of poker. Each player will be given two cards. The player must compare his cards to the 5 cards placed on the deck. The player who can bring out the best hand combination wins.

With these many variations of poker, it is no wonder why people do not get easily bored out of this game. People can play a different variety of this game while still relying on luck and skill. To play poker online, please click dewapoker.


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