Favourite slot video game among all players

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Rainbow slot game is the best option for entertainment and fun in online. Bonus offers will entertain each player with sparkle of points. It is normally designed with 20 pay lines. In each win line you want to bet with your real money. Default buttons in this game will help you to enhance or decrease the range of each line. You can select your number of line as per your personal wish. Even you can modify your choice with the help of colours available in slot game. Once you completed all these settings and then you can click the spin button to begin your gaming entertainment. Auto play function in rainbow riches will easily start your spin choice without any hard effort. As a player you need to select the reel and spin to begin the spinning action. If you like to cancel the auto spin option then you can make use of stop button which is available for the comfort of each player.

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Characteristics of bonus options

There are three important bonus options are available in rainbow slot game. If you equalize nearly four to five symbols then you can attain the best bonus offer in rainbow riches for best pastime. The wheel will decide the victory of game. If you like to obtain wishing feature then you can need to three well symbols. After that you can select the one to attain your prize inside the game. If you get three gold pot signs then you can attain the benefit of third bonus offer. If your spinning wheel land on gold or silver pot then you can get multiply of your bonus points. Most of the players like this game and they posted their comments and reviews in online so that other players can gain some knowledge about it.

 How to play rainbow slot online game?

If you access the rainbow slot game then you will attract in bright and colourful visuals. Theme based symbols will decide the victory of your game. Special signs available in this game will help you to enhance your bonus offers in effective way. You want to understand the strategy and plans then you can easily achieve the best in your game. Selection of lines and unique game play will assist you to attain the triumph stage. Quality customer service will help you at anytime. Every player can obtain best gaming experience in this slot game.

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